Stabilized 360° VR

The future of content creation is here with RVRD's custom 360° VR gimbal which has everything your client wants and much more including: 360° VR, Stereoscopic, Live Stitching, Client Monitoring, Live YouTube or Facebook Streaming. The video is perfectly stabilized & is remote operated for center camera.

360° VR with Live Stitching, Client Monitoring & World Wide Streaming!


360° VR attached to any rig and in any environment: This is the most flexible 360º VR capture, monitoring and streaming solution around… oh and it’s fully stabilized! Attach it to a drone, flip it over and mount it to a car, throw it into our backpack rig, hook it to a cable camera, mount it to a helmet, you name it and it mounts to it!


Much more than just a 360° VR camera: It captures an impressive 6K final resolution, has integrated “Live Stitching” so you can view the VR to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want before final processing,  “Live Client Monitoring” from up to 600ft away via two iPad Pros to review in real-time, and finally “Live Streaming” to Facebook or YouTube which broadcasts the live feed to anyone in the world – now that’s cool!

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Key Features

Live Stitching (real-time proxy stitching before processing)
Live Client Monitoring (via two iPad Pro 12″)
Live Broadcasting (up too 600ft)
Live Streaming (YouTube or Facebook)
3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Gimbal
6 to 12 GoPro Hero 5 cameras
6k to 8k final resolution (depending on cameras used and resolution)

Remote operator (independent control of forward facing camera
Mounting on anything (drone, cable-cam, vehicles, helmets, under or top mounting)


We specialize in "Ultra High a.k.a. Gigapixel" resolution images for large presentation wall printing, plus seamless 360° panoramics for kiosk and online marketing.

Panoramics for web presentations, to massively huge 60ft wide marketing walls!


Our years of post production experience comes into play: When we capture and process these 1000+ megapixel seamless 360° panoramics. We start by using the highest megapixel 35mm and medium format stills cameras available, capture the views in full 360° “day or night” via our heavy lift drones, color correct the individual images to make them look their best and finally, we use our custom stitching algorithm which produces the best possible results. This gives our customers a seamless 360° view they can use for web based marketing and 60x12ft presentation wall murals.


It’s all about the details: We have spent countless hours perfecting the art of panoramic photos. Our extensive background in visual effects and post production is what make our panoramics stand out. Making these large panos is no easy feat; it takes proper planning, capturing and execution to pull it off successfully, since we are dealing with 100’s of 50 megapixel images to make one seamless panoramic image.

View Studies

360° seamless view studies of every floor from ground level to 400ft for real-estate marketing, investors, developers and pre-sales.

RVRD specializes in “View Studies” to help sell our client’s development projects.


Need to know what the view looks like from 0-400ft in every direction? We have a solution for that! Due to our extensive experience in a wide range of fields, we have special permits to operate in urban environments at a moments notice per Transport Canada, NavCanada and City Municipalities, plus these permits allow us to capture these important views for our clients day or night.


Need your view studies quickly and in multiple formats? We have developed custom software API’s for our drones to automate the capture process and to make 100% sure we are getting the perfect overlap to create perfectly seamless 360° view studies. Then we use our custom scripts which stitch the images together, color correct them and export to various web and print formats for any presentation or marketing requirement you may have. A lot of work has gone into developing a streamlined and cost effective way to get our clients the view studies they require!


Our visible and FLIR thermal imaging inspection is more accessible and affordable than ever before. Each of our packages includes capability to capture video & stills for all of your data needs.

Surveying for various industries is more affordable and safer than ever before!


At 1cm / pixel resolution, our drone deliverables lead the industry in precision: Turn-around time can be as short as just a few hours. Whether the project is a 100 mile pipeline inspection, mining volume calculation, or a vegetation / crop diagnosis, our team can quickly and safely provide results at a never before seen price-point.


Utility inspection: Capture image, video and calibrated radiometric temperature data quickly and easily, allowing you to cover large substations, as well as transmission and distribution lines in a fraction of the time it would take you with a handheld imager. 


Solar and wind turbine inspection: Scan large panel installations to isolate and measure potential problem areas with a single look instead of laboriously checking each panel by hand.


Building and roof inspections: Forget about spending hours on a ladder with a hand-held camera or spending thousands of dollars on a single inspection from a full-sized aircraft. Roof inspections and other building surveys with a thermal camera-equipped drone only take minutes and can be done on your schedule.

3d Mapping

Our drone systems make complicated terrain and object mapping fast and simple, saving you days of time while providing centimeter-accurate 3D maps that can be used for measurements by certified professionals,

What used to take days or weeks to complete now takes a fraction of the time.

Our multi-rotor and fixed wing drones capture stunning and centimeter-accurate 3D maps: These maps can be used for measurements by certified professionals, 3D analysis and spectacular flybys. Our systems make complicated terrain and object mapping fast, simple, and safe… saving you time and money. Less time spent on the ground means staff safety is improved, minimizing the risks to surveying teams when measuring sites such as mines, unstable slopes and transport routes.


Our equipment is capable of receiving data accurate to within 1 cm  per pixel: Thus making data collection simple and effective, which frees you up to focus on analyzing and planning, instead of wasting time and energy on out how to gather the data you need.

2D Site Map
3D Point Cloud
CAD Data Integration
Volumetric & 2D Measurement
Activity Heat Map
Plan Overlay
Feature Extraction
Crop Management
Stockpile assessment and tracking
Cut volume
Fill volume
3D surfaces and slopes
Contour maps

ortho mosaic

Orthomosaic maps are created with a large number of overlapping photos covering a defined area. After capturing precise aerial imagery, we then use software to knit the photos into geo-rectified orthomosaics for data extraction.

Orthomosaic is a fancy word for a really big pano for GIC or remote sensing software.


We deliver high resolution orthomosaics in deliverable formats such as GeoTIFF, JPEG, PNG or Google KMZ. Orthomosaics are a composite image of individual photos stitched together to create one very large image. They  have coordinates tied to each pixel so that features in the image match up to their real world position. Our drones can produce deliverable 2D or 3D data up to 3cm/pixel while the best consumer satellite data only reaches 15-30cm/px.


Orthomosaics represent “true” distances unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph. Orthomosaics can achieve this because each pixel is connected to its real world position and therefore, are as accurate as a map.


The accuracy and efficiency produced by our drones are industry leading and continue to set us apart from the competition. 


Other Services

Besides the above services... we also offer speaking engagements, onsite training & consulting to various trade-shows, industrial and commercial companies.


drone instruction training seminarsTRAINING SEMINARS

We teach UAS operations, safety, regulations and engineering to various industries looking to use unmanned technologies.


uav-drone-ua-consultingPROFESSIONAL ADVICE

We are experts in unmanned aerial technology, innovation and implementation; assisting businesses worldwide with their UA ventures.

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RVRD “pro·nounced RE∙VER∙ED” is North America’s premiere drone data collection vendor and we take pride in giving our clients the highest quality of service, using the latest technical gear.

We have taken our years of Feature Film production experience and translated the skills we have learned into providing efficient and cost effective services for industrial clients. You will see below the various services that we now offer to companies looking to gather data for future planning and / or immediate feedback via aerial drones.

Because of our experience working on 100+ million dollar films, we pursue each job with professionalism and the utmost emphasis on safety, which is our main objective while getting the data our clients expect.  The advent of aerial drones for remote surveys have lowered data collection costs and increased productivity, all while leaving the human element out of high risk areas.

Please view the various aerial survey applications we offer that will assist your teams with the data they need to make effective decisions for your company’s projects.

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